About us

Elixir Junior is magical drop for children that has its roots from ancient times.

It has a base of 5000 year old Indian Ayurvedic which were used by the Royal Offspring. When a Royal offspring were sent to a training haven to impact life skills, apart from special diet, exclusive herbs mixed with purified butter and gold were given to nurture the mind and body of future Kings.

Elixir Junior's


Ancient Philosophy

The ancient philosophy required these herbs to be processed with cow ghee as medium. The ghee according to scriptures has to be of pure breed cows whose calf is still suckling. Only the excess milk after the calf is completely fed, the cow is satisfied and it graces the excess milk. This has unimaginable spiritual powers known only to the ancient saints.

How we do it?

Produced through a patented process, 14 select herbs and ghee from cows gazed on special diet, with chanting of mantras according to scriptures, blended in conjunction with gold at a consecrated space. This gives us six magical potion for six month’s usage for kid’s overall enhancements.