Elixir Junior Benefits

Elixir Junior's


Elixir Junior is a superior formulation of ancient formula of Ayurveda,  which is defined as one of the rituals as per Kashyapsamhitha described by Acharya Kashyapa, thousands of years back.

Elixir Junior is 100% Ayurvedic proprietary preparation mixed with natural herbs collected from forests which will improve the essence of the product, clarified butter from Sahiwal cows, which is one of the native and oldest breeds of Indian cows and medicated Honey which is extracted in Forests of Himalayas.

  • Elixir Junior boosts Immunity, Intellect and Memory power of children.
  • Elixir has a positive effect on Remembrance, Retention and Recalling functions of children which will help them to perform better.
  • Increases Grasping, Analytical Abilities and Learning Skills in kids.
  • Improves IQ, Concentration and Focus of children.
  • Boosts Immunity to fight with seasonal diseases.
  • Improves Cognitive and Behavioural functions in young ones.
  • Good Rejuvenation for brain and nervous systems & stimulates power of Self Expression and Intelligence.
  • Boost the Immunity to fight against various disorders.
  • Increases Physical and Mental Strength of children.
  • Improves Digestive power of children.
  • Improves Skin tone of Children.
  • Improves sense of Hearing, Speech and Visual activities.