Dinesh Kumar, Hyderabad

Using Elixir Junior since 1 year, Very good in building immunity in kids. My kids got relief from frequent seasonal changes leading to flu, cold and cough. Will appreciate and recommend this product to all new parents.

Kulprit Kaur, Chandigarh

I purchased this product to improve the immunity of my daughter, she have many recurring infections since birth, after giving Elixir Junior for 7 months now, she improves a lot and not having any infections or seasonal diseases.

Rakesh Valapadasu, USA, Missouri

We must thank the Elixir Junior Team for this awesome product. I can see clear difference in my son, He is very active these days, performing well in studies and behaving properly. He is away from all sort of flu after using this, his appetite is increased. I personally recommend this product to all parents. We have been using this from last 9 months.

Basuki Nandan, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

These days, almost every kid is being hyper active like my twin sons, they can’t concentrate on one activity for long which keeps them from going into different activities without completing anything. After using Elixir Junior for 6 months now, we can witness the difference in their behaviour.

Mudassir Khan, New Delhi

My child is taking Elixir Junior since last 6 months and it has totally changed my child life. He feels fresh than before, much strong, much energetic, laziness and weakness gone. Feels active day long. I observe my child to be much more active than before and for this, I would like to thanx Elixir Junior for making such a great and wonderful product by keeping in mind strong immunity system of our child with natural ingredients.

Anuraj Rajan, Nasik

Every mother’s prime concern is to give the nutritious food and increase the immunity in their kids but so far it is not that easy…but not anymore…. Elixir Junior is an amazing ayurvedic product for that all concerned mothers, which is actually a small portion of ghee but filled with Swarna Bhasma (Gold Ash) and Natural Herbs. And we all know that Honey is something which can be consumed by kids easily. so, very happy with the product.

Sangeeta Yadav, Calcutta

I loved Elixir Junior, because it has many benefits for my son’s good health. Ingredients are nutritional enough to build a good immune system to fight against all the odds…

Konica Bolneni, Chennai

Thanks for bringing an Ayurvedic Immunization technique in the form of Elixir Junior. I was very anxious about my baby immunity. I tried many home remedies and medicines, but now this Elixir Junior is helping me to keep our baby away from illness. I strongly recommend this to all kids since this is an ayurvedic product and no side effects.

Malliekkaa Chatterjjee, Kolkata

This is best and innovative way to boost immunity of my child and taste is loving by my daughter. Would definitely recommend it to other moms.

Sandeep Tammareddy, Vijayawada

This product helped me and my wife to get rid of stress due to illness of my Daughter. We are using this from last 6 month and till date she didn’t fell ill so far. It make her strong and active in day to day life which prevent her from germs and bacteria which causes flu and viral.

Debshikha Banerjee, Mumbai

I have started last month.. my son is not having proper weight and immunity also very low… so started he is liking the taste. let’s c how it helps him…

Preet Sandhu, Bangalore

I have been giving Elixir Junior to my niece since November 2017. And it is really helping her. She used to fall sick very often but after starting Elixir Junior, things gradually got better. Her immune system became strong. In short one of the best supplements to go for.

Jyoti Chauhan, Sonipat

My daughter was having problems with Mind and Body coordination since very young age, Elixir Junior has given the best results for her, I am proud of being an Indian because of our ancient medicine, Ayurveda which has lot of products which can bring in right results without having any side effects and no chemicals.